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A Common Tale of a Cat and Reincarnation

Lyrics, composition, and arrangement: 骨盤P(KotsubanP)  ← Kotsuban means pelvis
Vocals: Hatsune Miku

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華やかな大通りの 棄てられた蝙蝠傘の下
草臥れた尻尾上げて 毛繕う黒猫在りました



薄芽吹く街路樹を 眺め見るハイカラ服の横
草臥れた尻尾振って 手を招く黒猫在りました

猫は云う「そうだな今日は、ええと 嫉妬の炎に舞った醜い蝶の噺」



振り返る先に猫は無く 街の風に揺れる雨傘カラカラ

Under an abandoned umbrella1 on a busy main street,
Sat a cat with its’ scruffy tail raised, fixing its’ fur.

“Young lady over there, won’t you spare a moment? Come, let’s have a talk,”
The cat said, “Today, let’s discuss…ah, what about that nice, tragic love story I heard off the street a while ago.”

“’Tis an old tale of the fleeting romance between a raven and a rabbit who fell in love.”
“Of their unattainable dream perhaps? What a pity.”
“No, at the end of their bleak journey, they abandoned their bodies and were united.”
“My, what a strange tale.”

Next to the stylish2 clothes1 along the pale-blooming trees lining the street,
A black cat waved its’ scruffy tail and beckoned3 with its’ paw.

“If it isn’t that charming young lady from before. Won’t you listen to another story today?”
The cat said, “Right then, hmm, how about the tale of an ugly butterfly who fluttered in the flames of envy?”

“So the third-wheel swallowtail ravaged and devoured her former lover.”
“Not an uncommon story, sadly.”
“No, every thrilling comedy ends with a brutal punchline.”
“My, what a disappointing tale.”

“Well well, we meet again, young lady. Won’t you listen to one last story today?”
The cat inquired in a scratchy voice, “Would you know of the tale concerning a talking cat who’s lived a hundred times?”

“On nights of great joy, death still comes to the old, the young, and even ghosts of the underworld5.”
“Indeed, you have no end of these stories. My apologies.”
Before she could turn her head, the cat had gone. The umbrella wobbled in the wind from the road, clatter clatter.
“My, what a funny story ―ah,”
The girl smirked, “Perchance it shall rain tonight?”
(・ω・ノ)丿 ッパパ パパン!
The lyrics won't fit side-by-side >A< Such long lines...


I did not write these songs, nor do I own them in any way.
They are the property of their respective composers.

TL Notes:
Translation notes are listed at the bottom, but you can view them by mousing over the translated lyrics too.

This layout swallows entries, so check here for a complete list of translations :D

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