08:12 pm

【supercell】君の知らない物語 - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari

08:12 pm

【Tatsh】 シンデレラ・ロマンス - Cinderella・Romance

08:13 pm

【EhehehP】 ボクモテ - Boku Mote

08:14 pm

【Junky】 メランコリック - Melancholic

08:16 pm

【Nanou(HoeHoeP)】 サクラノ前夜 - Sakura no Zenya

08:16 pm

【Nem】 嗚呼、素晴らしきニャン生 - Aa, Subarashiki NyanSei

08:17 pm

【Nem】 あやつりピエロの恋の歌 - Ayatsuri Piero no Koi no Uta

08:17 pm

【Nem】あやつりピエロと君の歌 - Ayatsuri Piero to Kimi no Uta

08:18 pm

能く在る輪廻と猫の噺 - Yoku Aru Rinne to Neko no Hanashi

01:34 pm


12:23 am

【supercell】星が瞬くこんな夜に - Hoshi ga Matataku Konna Yoru ni

02:12 am

【supercell】私へ - Watashi e


I did not write these songs, nor do I own them in any way.
They are the property of their respective composers.

TL Notes:
Translation notes are listed at the bottom, but you can view them by mousing over the translated lyrics too.

This layout swallows entries, so check here for a complete list of translations :D

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