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ヾ(。・ω・。)ゞ Hello, and welcome!


This is where I post my amateur lyric translations. My Japanese is nowhere near perfect, so there may be mistakes...as in, there will be mistakes ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
I frequently go back to fix and tweak my translations. Everything here is a work in progress ♪


For a list of songs in alphabetical order by romanized title, please check the index
For a list of songs by lyricist, composer, arranger, or vocalist, please refer to the tag list


Most of the songs I've translated have been taken down for revision。 I'll be re-posting them slowly over the next...er...who knows how long as I go through them and get used to Dreamwidth
EDIT: I've concluded blogs are meh. Maybe I'll make something on @wiki...


You are free to use my translations for anything non-profit
However, I'd appreciate it if you inform before using them。
I'm still learning so my translations are far from perfect。 I'd like to be able to correct myself in case I find a major mistake ^^;

Thank-you for your understanding _(_ _)_

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I did not write these songs, nor do I own them in any way.
They are the property of their respective composers.

TL Notes:
Translation notes are listed at the bottom, but you can view them by mousing over the translated lyrics too.

This layout swallows entries, so check here for a complete list of translations :D

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